Why Conferences Are So Worth It

Sunday, September 13, 2009 12:42:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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Purpose Driven Small Groups wrapped up their 2009 conference year the past couple of days with a conference in Dallas. I think I have been to every small group conference but one that they have done just as I have been to every small group conference Willow has done in like 10 years and many other conferences as well. Here are the reasons I go to these conferences:

  1. To be with and learn from leaders responsible for community life in their church. Whether that means 3 groups or 3000 groups, these are my people. Like Dane Havard from Rabbit Creek church in Anchorage, AK.
  2. To share how Churchteams can serve them. Our calling/ministry.
  3. To meet current Churchteams clients face to face. Like Bill and Pat Morgan from Beumont and Cindy Burleson from Gillette, Wyoming.
  4. To catch up with friends like Ron Wilbur from Saddleback, Jay Daniel from Norfolk, NE and Rick Howerton from Lifeway to name but a few.
  5. To learn and be inspired. I loved Steve’s Saturday morning session on Authenticity. We died laughing and were moved to tears and application of what group life ought to be like.

Honestly, it was conferences that taught me how to think about and do ministry. I have been just one of hundreds or in some cases thousands attending a church conference for almost 20 years and student conferences for a decade before that. A conference inspired me to see that the local church really is the hope of the world. A conference helped forge my convictions that life change happens best in community. A conference introduced me to a world much bigger than where I live day to day. They influence my life.

They will yours as well.

Finally, in the spirit of a football commercial, here’s to you Mr. “God has led me to share my life, learnings, mentors and team through a conference” man. Thank you. It is so worth it.