Why should your church consider online giving?

  • Online Transactions are Commonplace.
    More and more businesses are moving away from checks, so more and more people are moving away from them as well. This is happening to such a degree in our culture than many people never carry checks. In fact, some banks even offer checking accounts without checks! We should meet people where they are by providing online giving.
  • Many “Regular Attenders” are Absent Each Weekend.
    Many people who attend only once per month consider themselves “regular attenders” of your church. While you might not agree with their personal definition of “regular”, by offering digital giving your church can at least help them become consistent givers. Through online giving, even the most irregular attenders can give when they are gone, and if they set up recurring giving, they can become some of your most reliable donors.
  • Once-A-Week VS. 24/7 Access.
    Churches who offer online giving see their offerings increase 15 to 30% in the first year. One of the primary reasons for this is ease-of-access.
  • Online Security is Superior to Checks or Cash.
    People are sometimes afraid of online transactions because we hear so much about cyber crimes. But think back to the 1970s and 80s when it was normal to hear about check forgers and counterfeiters. Think of it this way, PayPal is the world’s first 100% online bank and they’ve never once been robbed at gunpoint. They’ve never had to call in the FBI to solve a fake-check-scheme. Yes they’ve had to deal with hackers, but their track record for being robbed compared to normal banks is miniscule. The truth of the matter is that online giving is incredibly secure when compared to traditional checks or cash.
  • Online Giving (with Churchteams) is Amazingly Affordable.
    It’s simply a myth that digital giving is expensive. On average, if a church collects one additional contribution each month of $80 or more, Churchteams’ online giving pays for itself. Furthermore, the administrative costs of handling checks and cash are greatly reduced.
  • It’s A Great Way to Disciple People.
    Jesus tells us that a person’s spending will reflect their heart.
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

- Matthew 6:21 (NIV)

Most of the time we approach this verse and remind people that if the church is important to them, they’ll give. In other words, your heart goes first and your money goes after. But Jesus didn’t say it in that order. He said that your money goes first and your heart goes after. Digital giving in is the first financial tool that gives pastors and church leaders the ability to help people send their money first. You can challenge your people to set up recurring giving so they will become more invested in the church and help them grow spiritually.

Consider this: if you buy stock in Apple you’ll suddenly become interested in how the company is doing. But if you’re not invested in Apple stock, you won’t really care how many new iPhones sell. People who give to the church are buying stock in God’s Kingdom. As such, they’ll begin to take a great interest in how their investment is doing. Encourage people to set up recurring gifts online and you’ll start capturing the attention of more hearts.