Want to grow giving? Let Churchteams and Ardent Giving Solutions Help.

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A guest email/blog introducing Online Giving from Bryce Collman, CEO of Ardent Giving Solutions.
Creating a culture of generosity is a constant challenge for many churches. Most generosity experts agree that to grow giving you should be prepared to accept all types of donations, not just cash or checks. Online giving is a tool that helps your members be more faithful in their giving and according to LifeWay Research is now being used by over 50% of churches with weekly attendance of 500 or more.  Most churches experience an increase in overall giving of 20% or more when properly introducing online giving.
Churchteams has partnered with Ardent Giving Solutions to provide fully integrated, easy to use online giving at low pricing. At Ardent Giving Solutions our goal is to make online giving affordable for all churches, provide them with tools to grow giving and to remove the barriers some churches may have to online giving.
  • Optional Debit Card Only Giving allows churches concerned with accepting credit cards to engage in online giving without compromising their principles. Debit cards are also much less expensive to process than credit cards.
  • Our free giving videos and bulletin inserts are proven effective tools for growing giving.
  • Processing fees are less than 1% for most debit cards on the typical contribution. For those wanting debit and credit our credit card rates are industry leading as well
Online giving can grow giving significantly, is easy to implement and now affordable for all.