Visitor or Guest Follow Up & Assimilation

Monday, April 8, 2013 11:15:00 AM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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We are getting a number of questions on using CT for follow up after Easter.  What a great problem to have and we have a great solution for you.

The big idea is to create groups that track people through your entire assimilation process.  ex. First time guest, second time, new member class, baptism, ready to join church, looking for a small group, interested in serving.  We recommend matching the responses on your Sunday card to these groups for alignment and ease of us.  Note:  You might also need to go to basic settings, step 2 to add group profile responses that fit for this type of group.  

Use member attributes to benchmark completion of steps you want to track with reports.  Use groups to track interest and process.  To do that, go to basic settings step 3 and add those benchmarks as custom member attributes.  When people complete something like a new member class, add that date to their record and then transfer them from that class to their next step in the process.

Use notes to keep track of calls, visits, comments or other information about individuals.  Each note is organized by note types that you can customize (settings / members / note types), an entry date and the option to set a follow up date.  The follow up date shows up automatically when you include the note type in a Group View.  We recommend training staff and volunteers entering notes to always start by putting in their initials.

The Group View feature allows you to custom the information you see when you are looking at a group's page.  All the information in the database is available for you to customize the view (and then set that view as a default for that group).  Be sure to include contact information, the note type you are using for follow up / assimilation, and any other information that is helpful to the person responsible for making the contact.  With this feature, the group itself becomes a dashboard for managing work flow.  Staff and volunteers work from the group screen to make calls, send emails, make notes, etc..

Here are videos on the follow up process and setting it up.  They are a couple of years old and will be updated in the next couple of months, but they give you the idea.