Use Facebook to complete meeting reports in Churchteams

Saturday, May 26, 2012 3:25:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology New Features Tips 4 Clients
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A couple of weeks ago, I was on my Facebook account and discovered that without knowing it I had a new email address:   Facebook has married email with their message feature.  

Many times over the past several years I've been asked if our meeting reminders would work with Facebook because some folks use Facebook way more than or even instead of Email.  We played around with it and put it on our development list to figure out when the demand increased.  

So, I was pretty excited to see that Facebook solved the problem for us.  I put my new email/Facebook address into Churchteams and set up the email reminders for a group to come as a message to Facebook.  Sure enough the emails started coming.  I discovered it works better to "expand" the message which brings in the html code necessary to utilize the links included in the email reminder.  Then I just clicked the link and I was right where I needed to be in Churchteams.  When I sent the email, I got a copy of the report as a message.

Get the word out to your Facebook power users and "integrate" Churchteams into patterns of communication they already use!