Upgrades you might have noticed (or not) since April 10th

Thursday, June 11, 2015 10:34:00 AM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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Have you noticed any subtle changes in Churchteams the past couple of months?  We've been busy doing some minor, behind-the-scenes tweaks that we received as suggestions from many of you.  Here's a list of things by feature that have been upgraded since April 10 when we sent out our last upgrades email notice.

  1. Group role.  Changed all places that use the wording "Group Member Type" to "Group Role" bringing uniformity to that language.
  2. Group view.  You can now add "Last Activity Date", to see when a person last attended or gave anything, as a column on any group view.  
  3. Group view.  You can now add "Date Created", to see when a person was added to the database, as a column on any group view.
  4. Group view.  Froze the header row for better viewing of information in groups with long rosters. 
  5. Membership history.  Added an "Action" button to the top of the Membership History report.
  6. Meeting reports.  From a group click reports then meetings to see new columns for attendance.
  7. Single event registration - message when an event if full.  If a person clicks the specific link (not browse groups page) to join a class/event that has reached capacity, the leader's name and info (if permitted in registration settings) will appear.  If there is no leader, the organization contact will be listed. 
  8. Reply-to email. Under "Registration Settings" you can add a reply-to email address for the confirmation email sent to the registrant.  Otherwise, the email will say, "Please do not reply to this email."



  1. Member Notes security.  Prevents leader access to higher level member notes if that higher level note was included in their group's group view.  
  2. Custom Member Attributes.  Added feature for quick entry of attribute values (responses) when you create a new, drop down style attribute.
  3. Member Deletion.  Added group history meeting attendance to the email notification sent when a member is deleted (Settings / Notifications to edit this email address).
  4. Member and Family Merge.  Retain FROM Address, C/S/Z info if it is missing in the TO member or family.

  1. Group Roster.  Added group registration attributes as output options.
  2. Group Roster.  Added a check box that makes page breaks after each group optional when you run the report.
  3. Attendance by Member Consistency. Added check box for "Only show currently active group members".  This will exclude attendance for members who may have been active during the selected date range but were removed from the group.
  4. Member Listing (with notes).  Added option to select individual note types or "Time Spent" fields.
  5. Member Listing.  At Admin Asst level or higher, you can select the "Last Activity Date" as an output option.
  6. Member Listing.  Added buttons on top and bottom of the report after it is run to Email those listed. 
  7. Family Directory.  Added output option for "Gender".
  8. Family Directory.  Made "Addresses" optional when you choose this report and in "Settings / Security / Accessibilty" directory options section.
  9. Contributions.  For Detail, Summary, Export and Statements reports; added filters for batch names and contributions not associated with a batch (bottom of left, green column).
If you are still reading after these lists of upgrades, you are a true Churchteams Champ!  Thanks for your help in making the software ever-better and the privilege of serving your church.