Updates to Merge Feature & Data Uploads

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 6:21:00 PM Categories: New Features
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We are excited about what 2014 has in store for our families and for Churchteams.  We all have some great goals or resolutions for the new year.  Ours include upgrades to check-in and event registration and being more intentional with social media.  More about those to come. 
For now, here are two solutions that we recently released that will help you clean up and update your member data.  What a great way to start a new year!

This is a HUGE update for managing member records.  Click on the Members button then Merge and you'll see these new options:

These are designed to help you find and merge duplicates!  You will love how easy it is to compare suggested duplicates and merge them together.  

For those of you transitioning over to CT or using us with another database, there is now an update only option that will not require nor update name/address information.  Also, it will not create new individuals if they are not matched.  It can be used to update one or more fields (ex. Gender or Family Role) using the ChurchteamsMemberID or the ExternalMemberID as the match field.  This will mitigate the possibility of accidentally messing up good data when you just want to update or add one or a few fields.  It also makes mass updates much easier: create a CSV export from CT, mass change a field(s) in Excel, then reload to update just the changed field.