Unbetterable - Reblog of Seth Godin

Thursday, June 30, 2011 9:41:00 AM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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I read Seth Godin, every day.  Here's Seth's blog for today.  June 30, 2011.  Which happens to be my 49th bday.  In these few words he describes me 12 years ago.  I was 37.  The amazing thing is that even though we've bettered a whole lot of things with Churchteams.  We see things and direction that we can better even more.  BTW, I'm convinced that our best years are our last several decades, not the first ones.  




The two best ways to break through a rut and to make an impact:

  • Find things that others have accepted as the status quo and make them significantly, noticably and remarkably better.
  • Find things that you're attached to that are slowing you down, realize that they are broken beyond repair and eliminate them. Toss them away and refuse to use them any longer.

When a not-so-good software tool or a habit or an agency or a policy has too much inertia to be fixed, when it's unbetterable, you're better off without it. Eliminating it will create a void, fertile territory for something much better to arrive.