Troubleshooting Email Reminders

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 10:45:00 AM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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 Why aren't people getting their email reminder?

  1. You have to turn the power on (like the fusebox in your garage), logged in as SG Admin, under Basic Setup, step #1.
  2. You have to turn the lights on for each group.  (Browse groups, pick group, click add/update: group information.)
  3. Make sure the wiring is right:  Someone is marked yes to receive email reminders & has a working email (see this in the member list for that group).  Make sure the start date, meeting day and frequency are set right (on the add/update: group information page again.

 What if all this is correct?

  1. Make sure the group start date is before you were expecting the email to be sent out.
  2. Double check the meeting day and frequency to make sure it is right.
  3. Have the leader check their spam.
  4. If none of the above, email with the specific group and day they were expecting the email.
  5. To get the information without the reminders, you can have them fill out the same report by going to their group page and clicking to add/update: meeting information.