Tracking Connection and Growth

Friday, September 7, 2012 2:49:00 PM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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I've had a lot of emails and calls recently from clients wanting to use Churchteams to track the process of getting people connected and their spiritual growth process.  The fall is an important time for welcoming guests / new members and offering the groups and classes to help them grow spiritually.  Tracking processes is one of Churchteams strengths.  Here's how you can use the tool to help.

Clearly identify your process.  Customizing your software forces you to take the general concept of follow-up and break it down to action steps.  An example is probably most helpful.
  1. 1st time guests - Capture information, put in dbase, email, month follow up, keep notes on contacts
  2. 2nd time guests - Capture date, phone call, invite to New Member's class, notes on contacts
  3. New member's class - Create the pool (group), invite, benchmark with a date attribute, identify next steps
  4. Connect to a group - Channels to express interest (info card, group link, website), create follow-up pool (group), capture notes, follow-up, transfer or remove/restart
  5. Spiritual growth benchmarks - Complete New Members, 201, 301 and 401.
  6. Ministry engagement - Capture gifts/strengths/interests, recruitment, placement
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Create member attributes to benchmark progress.  Go to Basic Settings, step #3 and create/edit the critical benchmark points you want to track (ex. 1st visit, 101 completion date, spiritual gifts, ministry interests).  We suggest keeping this as general as possible to keep reporting as simple as possible.  You can even create a header to categorize these attributes and use the ordering system to make them look as clean as possible.  

Create groups to track process.  Use groups rather than attributes to gather people who have expressed an interest in a certain step in the process.   Customize the group view so that the columns have the information you need.  By doing this, the group becomes a dashboard for contacting people, noting the nature of the contact, setting follow up dates, and transferring people to the next step in the process when they have completed that part of the process.  Note: you may need to add a group type in Basic Settings, step #2 to organize these groups under one profile (Connect Groups, Assimiliation Groups or Follow-up Groups).

Assign responsibility.  Make sure a staff member or volunteer owns each step in the process - i.e. each of the connect groups.  You can even use the email reminders to send them a weekly reminder.  They wouldn't use the report to communicate to the group, but it could be used to report on their interactions during the week and/or give them a quick link to their group / dashboard.

Ensure accountability.  Remember, people (including staff members) don't do what you expect, they do what you inspect.  You can use the coach area to assign connect group leaders under a staff person and then use the weekly email reminders to get a report on activity.  Or when you get together, log into the group and look over it together.

All of us are called to make disciples.  It is our passion and part of the body to help you be successful in administering / stewarding this responsibility.  We work hard to do it with money.  We should work just as hard to do it with people.