Tips for managing members & families

Thursday, July 8, 2010 12:19:00 PM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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I’ve had a number of questions recently regarding how to manage members and families. Some of these led to slight upgrades. Here is a video and summary I hope will be helpful.

Member and family entry. When entering an entire family, start with Browse families, then add the information the family shares. You’ll be asked to enter a family member, click okay and enter as much information as you have for that person. When finished you can continue adding other family members. If you are entering just one person, you can use the same approach or go to browse members and add a new member. When you add a new member from browse members, the software will automatically create a new family.

Member and family merging. There is an option under both browse members and browse families to merge. If you have duplicate entries for an individual, merge those entries from browse members. If members are entered that share a last name and their address line 1, C/S/Z or home phone number are the same, the software will detect that and merge them into a single family. If you move a member out of the family and re-enter the same address, the tool will not merge them back into a single family. If you merge families, then the family address for the TO family will be retained and the members of the FROM family will merge into the TO family.

Moving family members out. When a child leaves home or in case of a divorce or similar, you can move one person out of the family from the View family/household page. It will give you the option to put them in another family or to create a new family all together.

Deleting families. Moving members can create families with no members, delete these directly from the browse family page. To completely delete a family, browse families to find the family and delete them from that page. It will delete all information about that family and those family members.

Deleting members. The browse members page has options to delete multiple members and to delete members not in groups. Both of these pull a list for your review and selection before deleting. All information on these members will be lost. You can delete members individually from their member information page.