Tips for choosing software

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 10:57:00 PM Categories: Just Visiting Ministry & Technology Tips 4 Clients
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We had the privilege of being a host for the innovative, online conference for small groups, Twelve, a few weeks ago.  For that conference I did a bonus video on choosing software.  I broke it into three different segments of 6-8 minutes.  This talk was designed to give you tips for choosing software and in the process help you understand some of the thinking behind the development of Churchteams.  Now that the conference is over, we'll post it here.  Block out about 21 minutes and grab something to drink.  Relax a minute and let's talk.

Segment 1 - Why software?

Segment 2 - Nine questions to help you choose.

Segment 3 - Nine questions to help you choose.