The High Five – Manage the flow. Define the win.

Friday, April 17, 2009 10:08:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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There’s this huge intersection in North Dallas called the High Five (Wikipedia, Youtube) because of all the major highways and streets that merge. It used to be a horrible place to get through. But now due to a fantastic work of civil engineering and construction, traffic flows freely. As churches grow the old highways and streets become cumbersome and the movement toward spiritual belonging and maturity is slow. They are trying to get too much traffic through too little space. They need a High Five to alleviate congestion and get things moving again. Churches are looking to small groups to help ease the congestion. But small group ministry is different and it takes some serious engineering if it is going to be successful. Just like the High Five.

The other night the Mavericks were tied with the Timberwolves with seconds left. They were at home. They had trailed earlier. Playoff positions were on the line. 5 … 4 … 3 … 2. Jason Terry takes the jump shot and sinks the game winner (Youtube). You can change the teams even the sport, but you know what happened next. The place erupts! Everyone is hugging each other and giving each other … high fives. Why? To celebrate a victory. To join in the community of fans who’ve experienced the community and emotion that draws us back to sports time and again. How do you celebrate a win at church? How do you know you’ve won in your small group ministry?

In your ministry, you need some engineering to help the flow of traffic and you need it to be something to help you define and celebrate the win that will keep you coming back. We designed Churchteams to be the engineering to help you with flow. We also designed it to help you discover the win. But, you need to know what’s behind the software. I need to introduce you to what I call, the HIGH FIVE! Stay tuned.