Sunday Card Entry & Follow-up

Thursday, August 9, 2012 5:15:00 PM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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Every church I know gives Sunday attenders an opportunity to communicate with the church in written form on some sort of card.  These are then collected in the offering.  Like the money given in an offering, these cards are valuable.  Like the money, they also must be carefully processed to ensure a timely response.  Our contributions feature will take care of your financial offering.  You can use our basic member and group features to process communication cards, but the most efficient way is by using the check-in feature.  Here is a video that shows you how: 

Here is a brief outline of the video:

  1. Create groups that represent each step in your assimilation process and/or each response on the card.  These become the dashboard from which those responsible for follow up work.
  2. Create attributes for individuals that allow you track defining points such as first visit, second visit for future metrics.
  3. Customize a check-in view to include these groups and quick entry of these attributes.
  4. Enter data using this check-in view.
  5. Make sure you have a follow-up process in place.

Play around with this approach to data entry and once you've got it, you'll wonder how you ever did this task any other way!