Statement Sending: Enhancements and Webinars

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 6:39:00 PM Categories: New Features Online Giving Tips 4 Clients
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 For those of you sending out statements, here are a few enhancements Mark just released:

  1. Add a logo.  When you run the statement report, you'll see this as an option, be sure to review the instructions as you hover over the option.
  2. Bigger font.  You'll also see an option to increase the font size for printed reports.  Emailed report fonts are larger as well, but they are not controlled by this feature.
  3. Warning before sending.  Before you email the statements, the system will warn you that when you click okay, there is no preview, the emails will be sent.
  4. Count.  With printed or emailed statements, there is now a count of number of statements when you run the report.
In addition, I am offering webinars on sending out statements next week on Monday and Thursday to walk through the process and answer any questions.  To register, click here.  You will be emailed instructions on your confirmation email.

Happy Statement Sending!