Six recent updates you might want to know about

Monday, April 28, 2014 12:01:00 PM Categories: Generosity New Features
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We pray you had a great Easter season and are looking forward to celebrating the end of the ministry year and summer activities.  Now that things may have slowed a little bit, we thought we would catch you up on some recent releases and updates in Churchteams.  
  1. We moved Registration Payment Summary and Detail reports to the Group Reports area so that those are available for staff and group admins to use in managing event payments.
  2. We added the option to select attributes you want to include when you choose the Member Report to Export people to a csv/Excel file.
  1. Settings / Contributions / Online Giving.  This page now has a feature to build a link enabling people to give to a specific fund.  It can even be a fund not normally available for online giving.    
  2. From a contributor's member info page click edit then contributions.  We added a column to include the batch name (number or date) associated with each donation.  A great help to reconcile contribution changes with deposits.
  3. Settings / Contributions / Online Giving / Online Giving Options.  The email listed on this page notifies you of new or cancelled recurring contributions.
  4. One statement per person.  We added an option on statements to send them out individually.  Normally they are sent out combined for the family.