Significant Online Giving Enhancements Released

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 5:17:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 We pray that your experience with online giving has been very helpful to your church stewardship goals.  Here are a few enhancements we recently released in response to your requests and insights.  These only apply to the mobile upgrade version (the classic version will be phased out by 2014).  To see and implement the changes, use the link for Online Giving provided from the newer version (Settings / Contributions / Online Giving).  You will need to replace your current links with this one to use these features.  The classic link you are most likely using will continue functioning as it currently does.  

The new online giving page also gives you html code to make the giving screen come up as a pop up rather than a full screen.  This leaves your website in the background helping people feel secure that they haven't been redirected to a malicious location.

1.  Save credit card and ACH routing numbers.  When your users login they now have the option to "Use or Save Account/Card Info".

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If they save the card or account and go to the payment screen, they will have the option to select that saved card/account.

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To enable this feature, you must talk to or email Bryce Collman from Ardent Giving Solutions.  He will enable the CIM (Customer Information Management) option in your Ardent account allowing this option to show up.   There is an additional, small monthly cost for this feature, but it will be a huge convenience for your people and staff. 

2.  Add a logo and custom message to the online giving login page.  To access this go to the Settings menu and then Contributions then Online Giving, and then Online Giving Options.  You have the ability to upload your logo there and customize the message using html code.
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3.  Users can update information from online giving portal.  When a person is logged into the online giving portal they can now change their password and also update their online giving account email address.  In addition they can give, see YTD contributions and their full online giving history.

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4.  Financial admin quick access to update online giving portal information.  When logged in at the financial admin level, staff viewing an individual's contributions use the "Online Account" button to access and edit that person's online giving information (#3 above).  This includes the ability to add a contribution for that person.  For security purposes the CIM related features are disabled.  Staff do not have access to make donations for saved cards or accounts, only contributors themselves have that ability.  
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Thanks to each of you who gave us your input toward the development of these features.  We truly are in this thing together.