Serving Project Feature

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 11:39:00 AM Categories: Just Visiting New Features
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Serving Project Feature

One of the exciting movements in the small group world the last 5+ years has been toward making groups more missional. Many of you have asked about using Churchteams to help track the missional involvement of your small groups. I’m excited to announce that we released a new feature yesterday to address this very issue. Your leaders can now pick a project category, schedule a project, make notes related to the project and even rate it. Once you enable the feature it shows up on their weekly meeting reports. It’s pretty intuitive, but here are more details:

1. Enable and customize your project name and categories. These will help you get better, more specific analytics. See the recent Facebook posts for further ideas and discussion on how to customize these. From Group admin main menu click Customization Features, then Customize Groupfinder, then Service Projects. You can get to the same page from Quick Setup, step #1. Once on the setup page, play with the settings until you get them like you want.

2. Once enabled, there is a new section on your leaders’ meeting report where they can track their service projects. This provides ongoing awareness and accountability. A new Service Project link also shows up on the group’s page on the “Add/Update:” line.
Create reports on your groups’ service project involvement from Reports & Communication, then Group Reports.

3. We’ll continue to Facebook about it together and I’ll put together a video to link from the application, Facebook page and Setup & Training Videos playlist. Mess around with it and let us know your thoughts.

Christmas Ministry Season

I love this season of the year. It’s when we celebrate the incarnation, enjoy family, reflect on the previous year and dream about the upcoming one. A small group pastor / friend at a church in Austin recently asked me to pray that his staff finds real rest this season. He’s a smart leader. Another pastor who has wanted to check out Churchteams for months told me last week that he’s looking forward to doing that this month so he can be better prepared for the new year.

If you use Churchteams, this season might be a great time to play with it and get more out of it. If you have only considered Churchteams, this might be the time to do the 30 day trial. Either way, I would invite you to join me for a webinar or post a comment, question or idea on Facebook.

Above all, I pray that these next few weeks (at least in your work life) might be a time of rest, tying up loose ends and dreaming about the future.