Secure Pastoral and Counseling Notes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 5:28:00 PM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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Several of you have asked about a way to secure pastoral and counseling notes.  We just released a feature based on "Note Types" that allows you to create a password to secure a particular note type regardless of security level setting for that note type. 

From the Group Admin main menu select  Customization Options / Customize GroupFinder / Note Types.  You can either create or edit the note type you want to secure.  If the password option is left blank then everything functions as normal.  However, if you create a password it will require you to enter that password when you want to view a person's notes throughout the system (in member details, on a group view, in the coach area, on reports, etc).  The text of secured notes on these pages will be "(confidential)".  To view the confidential note,  click on the note and it will prompt you for the password.  Once you do this, the system knows you are authenticated for that note type for the rest of your session.  That particular note type will no longer show up as "(confidential)".  

Volunteers and staff can add a new note of a type that's password protected without being prompted for the password.  That allows them to enter the notes but once they do they can no longer view or update them without the password.  This can be helpful for prayer requests or other types of notes.

We recommend each pastor or counselor create their own note type and set the password themselves.  Those with the group admin and membership admin passwords can change these.  However, if these are changed the pastor or counselor who set them will know immediately and inquiry can be made into why a trusted leader/staff person would change a confidential note.