Release notes: mass change member attributes, check-in, last activity date

Posted by Boyd Pelley Monday, August 3, 2015 4:01:00 PM Categories: Kids Ministry Membership/Assimilation New Features Tips 4 Clients
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In addition to all the work we've done on the new server and website, we've also added these features the past few months.  All of them came from your requests and great ideas!​

Mass ​change a member attribute.  Under the action button on any group, there is now a "Mass Change" option.  Select this to mass update any member attribute.  Example:  You have 30 people who just completed the new members class.  Rather than changing their "Attended New Member Class" attribute one at a time, select the people who completed the class and choose "Mass Change" then the attribute and new date you want for the attribute.  Once you do that you will have an additional option to transfer, copy or remove the same people. Awesome for assimilation.  

"Add Family Member" button on member profile page.  Located below the list of family names but​ ​above the "Related To" feature this is a shortcut to add new family members.

Remove "Sign Up" from the top of event registration pages.  Go to the group or event, click edit then registration settings.  Click the "HTML Examples" link on that page and scroll to the last item.  Simply copy and paste this code into the Instructions box. 


Temporary notes for Check-in.  Help for your nursery volunteers and staff!  Parents or hosts can click the flag (see image) to add instructions for the day that are printed on the child's name tag and on the detailed report, but not permanently stored.  To enable this feature, go to the check-in view and check A8.  C2 must also be checked for this option to work.   

​Check-in detail report.  Some changes were made to the check-in detail report you can run while doing check-in (click the reports button on the bottom right of the family search page while running check-in).  If you use temporary notes, those will show up on the detail report as "notes".  In addition, all detail reports now include the security code, allergies/child notes, and the parents they came with.  This last column takes advantage of the "Related To" feature for kids that come with different families.  If you prefer not to have the extra columns, uncheck the box at the top of this report page.

Last Activity Date Report.  This report filter (under the members then fixed attributes section) now includes an option for notes and registration/group join date plus you can choose to run it at either the individual or family levels.  Contribution and last attended date were already included.  This will allow you to filter based on the last time someone (or someone in the family) attended, gave, was added to a group, or had a note added to their record.

​Leader access links.  From coach level on up, go to a group, click on the blue edit button or click on the blue reports button then meetings to see a new link/button for "Leader access links".    Use this to copy the link to email that leader an invitation to fill out a meeting report or update their group information without having to login.  This allows you to manually send the email the system does automatically when the email reminders are turned on.  

​Event registration.  The emails sent to both the leader and the registrant now contain the registration attributes for that event.​


The rollover to our new servers and website has gone very well.  Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement and patience.

​It is a privilege to serve you and we want to do that well.  Thanks to all of you who have referred us to others.  Your referrals help us focus on building a product that serves you well by God's grace.