Ready For Easter?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:14:00 AM Categories: Just Visiting Tips 4 Clients
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 Easter is just around the corner.  Are you ready for a 50% increase in attendance?

 For most church staff getting ready for Easter means prep for an incredible worship experience.

 But are you ready for as much as a 50% increase in your attendance that week?  And we aren’t just talking about extra seating and bulletins.

 ·         How are you planning to interact with and welcome all these potential guests?

·         How are you getting ready to follow up with all these guests?

·         If you're doing something similar to what you've always done, has that worked well for you?

·         Did you know that most guests will only return IF they are followed up with in a timely manner?


6 Steps to connecting with guests and helping them plug-in

(disclaimer – hints offered for these steps are only available to Churchteams clients)

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  1. Set a goal – Set a goal with your team that 100% of your guests will get welcomed and get followed up with.  No one is allowed to fall through the cracks! TIP:  The best follow-ups include 2 parts.  The first is in writing and the second is either a phone call or stopping by to say thank you.
  2. Build your follow up team - You can't do this alone.  Pull together a group of volunteers to help.  Hint: Use member reports to identify people with spiritual gifts and ministry interests that are oriented toward welcoming and encouraging people.  Then put them in a Easter Follow Up Team using the option to "Add people to a group".  This gives you your pool to recruit from and communicate with.
  3. Define connection for your team.  We know that relational connection happens at many levels:  crowd, community, casual, close, intimate.  Easter Sunday is about reaching the crowd.  Reach the crowd during the service, but also before and after the service in the way you greet and thank everyone for coming.
  4. Go to them.  They've come to you, so it's your turn to go to them.  Rather than hoping they will join a Bible class or small group (crowd to casual) the week after Easter, thank them for coming and then make an effort to learn more about them.  Email an easy response survey or call them to ask questions like: What is one thing that stood out to you about your visit this weekend? Hint: Put your visitors in an Easter follow-up group, then use the push out email to have them update their information.  Go to Basic Settings, step #3 and add attributes that will help you get to know them.  Examples: family lifestage or special interests.     
    • Regroup.  Once you've collected information, group similar responses for follow up.  Hint: Create a group view for follow up that has a column with visitor's responses.  Then create new groups for each response item.   Assign your follow up team members to these groups and show them how to use them to communicate with and make notes on their work.
    • Build community.  To move crowd level relationships to casual, don't skip community.  Now you have a collection of people with similar interests or issues.  Offer an opportunity for these people to meet side by side engage their interest or issue.  If you have other groups created around the same issue or interest, make this group a prospect group for those groups.  Hint:  Use the groups you have created to email, text or call people.  Also, use the notes section to track information on people.  
Thanks for your interest in Churchteams.  It is our prayer that our risen Lord is highly esteemed through your church this Easter season.