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Tuesday, April 3, 2012 10:42:00 AM Categories: Just Visiting Tips 4 Clients
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I sent out this email to our clients today with info about raising our prices for the first time since 2006:

Dear Churchteams Friends,

 In 2000, when we launched Churchteams, our focus was discipleship and team-building.  Since then we have led the way in the development of small group software.  In 2007 we began expanding our focus to add several features to Churchteams that would ultimately make us a full church management system.  We added children’s check-in, contributions, church and database management, PDF giving statements, online giving and a whole lot more.  In fact, if you haven’t checked out all the new features, please visit our brand new features page today.  If you haven't seen this before, you will be amazed!

Over the years we have also had a focus on keeping the cost down to help you steward your finances well.  We recently spoke with one client that had been spending thousands per year for a similar service with another company.  Switching to Churchteams is going to save them 84% each year! 

After looking at this and after quite a bit of feedback from our clients, we feel it’s time to increase our rates a bit.  We aren’t raising pricing much, but we are adjusting them a tiny bit.  Even though we feel we are one of the best solutions on the market, we don’t plan to charge you like we are.  We still plan to bring you the best pricing possible for the best product possible and this pricing allows us to do this.  Here’s a link to our new pricing page for your review.

When you see your next invoice from us, it will reflect the new pricing.  We just wanted to give you advance notice for planning purposes so that you can budget properly and not be surprised.

To learn more about all you can save and the full church management capabilities now available, please sign up for a free webinar.

Thanks for the ongoing privilege of serving your church.  It’s truly been our pleasure.  May this Holy Week be a great time of preparation as we celebrate of our risen savior together.


Boyd Pelley