Pictures, Batch Attendance, Bilingual Spanish

Friday, July 10, 2009 12:45:00 PM Categories: New Features
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I just sent this email out to our clients. Our goal is constant improvement at no extra charge to you. Once you’ve got a subscription, you’re part of the family.

Here’s several more upgrades, gang.

1. Member / Family Pictures. You can now upload a member and/or family picture. Cool idea: use the member report feature to email a request to update information and let everyone upload their own pictures. Note: Customize the member attributes first so they input the information you want them to. To do that, log in as member admin (not small group admin, use your sg admin password plus ma if you haven’t done this yet) and click member customization.
2. Growthfinder Invitation. Now there’s an option in member reports to invite everyone with one email to take the Growthfinder discipleship assessment. Note: you can customize that survey to fit your church (see video – setup and customization #8).
3. Edit / Hide Member Attributes. Log in as the membership admin. Under member customization you have various options. You can edit these and then determine who can see which attributes essentially hiding them from users without certain privileges.
4. Enter Batch Attendance. Login as membership Admin Assistant (try SG admin password plus aa). There’s a new link to enter attendance that allows you to pick the dates and the groups you want to enter attendance for. The report takes you to each group on each date and then gives you a batch summary of what you just entered. You can even update member details right from the reports.
5. Bilingual Spanish? Email me if you’d like me to turn on an option for spanish at the leader level. It doesn’t translate the whole tool, but it does offer spanish translation of the pages most used by spanish leaders.

Hopefully, you’ll find these helpful. You are going to love the next one of these I do in then next week or two.