Online Giving Update

Sunday, December 4, 2011 1:54:00 PM
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 On October 10 this year I emailed our clients about our release of online giving.  We've had a lot of churches inquire and many begin using it.  I love the early adopters because even though we always thoroughly test a feature before releasing it, there's always some new ideas or tweaks to make it more usable or convenient.  So, if you've ever thought about online giving or if you would love to integrate online giving with your database; you have to check out our solution.  I see I didn't post the release email on my blog, so here is the essence of that.

Check out the user video and details of our new online giving feature.  We talked with several generosity / stewardship consultants and found that one metric of generosity they are recommending is percentage of online giving (set 30% as a goal, some are 50% and more).  So, we integrated online giving with contributions and added a button to pull in giving for the week to provide this metric to you every week.  BTW, that report is emailed to trustees, treasurer, staff, bookkeeper and whomever else you might want before the batch is closed.  Check out the link and get more info.  If you haven't yet, join me for the church management webinar to see how it all works together.