Online Giving In 45 Seconds and Other New Releases / Updates

Thursday, March 13, 2014 6:40:00 AM Categories: Generosity New Features
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Spring break is in the air and March madness is soon upon us.  Before you dive into both of those, we thought we'd update you with some new releases.
Online Giving - Kiosk Mode

Maybe you saw that stats that the Obama campaign got online donations down to 75 seconds on average.  That, along with some of your ideas, inspired us to create a new quick giving option.  Perfect for church Kiosks, tablets, or as a "fastpass" giving opportunity on your website.  Watch this video (it's less than one minute) to see it in action.  

Inline image 1
If you are using online giving, you can get this link at Settings / Contributions / Online Giving.  You will see it listed as the Kiosk link.
If you are not using our online giving system, and you want to learn more about Churchteams Online Giving, check out our online giving page.  We generally save churches 20-30% on fees plus it automatically posts contributions to giving records and integrates with event registration.
More control on a leader's use of groups.
You can now control group / team leader access to add or remove people from their roster.  Go to a group's page click the blue edit button then group information.  You'll see a new checkbox for that feature as well as others that have been added recently.  
Easier access to add and merge families.
Fairly frequently we see people merge members when they wanted to merge a family and we see people add members when they really want to add a family.  We recently changed the layout under the Members button to make access to the family options easier and hopefully more intuitive.