New Web-site Interface Released

Friday, July 17, 2009 12:44:00 PM Categories: New Features
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This will change the way people view groups on your website!

Finally, the contemporary web-interface we’ve been talking about and you have been waiting for! Here’s a link to check it out. If you log in to your account, you’ll see it with your groups. Mess around with it and you’ll see a ton of incredible changes and upgrades.

Ready to link it to your website directly? This will give your groups an entirely new feel going into the fall. Since we don’t have access to your specific website, you’ll need to forward this email to your website update person and have them change part of your link:

from GroupBrowse.asp to GroupBrowseNew.asp

To add your logo, go to Customization Features, then Browse small groups customization options. You’ll see an html box there to link to your logo or put whatever header you want on top. You’ll notice other options on that page to add or delete filters in the left column and what group information you want displayed in the right column.

Get your leaders to upload pictures of their group and the thumbnail will automatically be added to your webpage (unless you uncheck the pictures option). This will bring your groups to life. For even more, have them do a video introduction, upload it to Tangle, Vimeo or Youtube and then add the link on Churchteams and it will show up on your website. They can link to literally anything on the Internet: their Facebook group, a Google calendar, their curriculum or even another website. If you’re worried about what they put up, give them some guidelines, trust your leaders and keep a good eye on it. Their creativity may amaze you and add spice to finding a small group.

Member customization attributes added to Small Group Admin

From the Small Group Admin main menu, go to Customization Features, then click on member customization. This feature was previously exclusively on the Membership Admin main menu, but we changed it for two reasons: 1) easier overall customization of the tool by SG Admin, and 2) the ability to make the Membership Admin exclusively for contribution access. With this change the only distinctives of the Membership Admin are contribution entry customization, giving record access and Member Admin password customization.