New Releases: Member Profile Look, Follow-up for Notes

Posted by Boyd Pelley Thursday, August 4, 2016 5:21:00 PM Categories: Membership/Assimilation New Features
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You've likely already noticed the NEW look of the Member Profile page that was released last week.  If not, be sure to check it out.  All the same features you know are there, just ordered and in some cases named a little differently.

Many of you have asked about adding the ability to notify staff or volunteers when they are assigned to follow up another person.  Earlier this week we released upgrades to the Notes feature that do this for you.  To see them, go to any member profile page, scroll down to Recent Notes and click the blue +Add button to see:
  1. Contact Person.  Name of the person entering the note. (Can be anyone in the database).
  2. Follow-up Person.  Name of the person responsible to do the follow-up. (Can be anyone in the database).
When you save the note, the "Follow-up Person" will receive this notification.
On the "Follow-Up Date", the "Follow-up Person" will receive this reminder.
Both of these have a button to take them to their "Scheduled Activities" page.  This shows them all the follow-up contacts for which they are responsible.  By clicking +Add Note, they go to the Note Entry page to report on their contact and recommended next step.
This scheduled activity page is the same page that we use for volunteers to manage their scheduled volunteer activities.  
This is a great addition to our assimilation process.  To learn more about assimilation, join me for the membership virtual class.  I've added some new content for assimilation and email marketing.