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Friday, March 26, 2010 12:30:00 PM Categories: New Features
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Happy Rez week next week! I thought about an Easter egg hunt to find all the cool stuff we’ve released last night and the past week. You’ll run into most of this stuff just as you’re using the tool and it will be obvious what to do. However, if you have a minute, here are the recent release notes.

Many of these came from your suggestions. Those of you who have wanted a better way to do a CHURCH DIRECTORY, check out that section below. It is secure yet accessible and has a nice look including pictures and cell phone if you want.

Browse Members Enhancements (Click Browse Members from main menu)

View Member Enhancements (Choose a member from above and view their information)
The view member page was redesigned for improved access to common information and easier accessibility. Additions include:

Directory Enhancements

Contribution Report Enhancements

Other previously released features

We have much more to do to incorporate the latest learnings and technology. Thanks for being part of the team to move this service to churches and the cause of Christ forward!

  • Added incremental name searching. Includes last name and first name, but if you are typing a full name it needs to be last, first. Or you can search just for a first name.
  • Added advanced searching option that includes searching in last name, first name, phone (which includes home, work, and mobile), and email address. Formatting needs to be included in the phone search so searching by the last 4 of a phone number might be more effective. This feature will speed up searching for very large databases.
  • Under security and accessibility is the option for disabling the incremental searching.
  • Links for emailing and text messaging to the mobile phone
  • Viewing custom attributes
  • Send individual email invitation to complete a GrowthFinder profile or a request for updated information.
  • When updating or adding a new member custom attributes that allow for more than one response are now checkboxes instead of a list box.
  • The directory can include a family photo and mobile phone in addition to other information. These options are set under security and accessibility under the “Enable member access to the directory”.
  • The website integration page now includes a website link for the directory which will require the member password to view the directory.
  • Under Member Reports the directory can also be run (Family Directory Listing) and includes options for Family Photo and Mobile Phone that override the defaults set in security and accessibility but it only affects the current report. When this report is run at any security level any member with a Yes for the new Unlisted Member attribute will be excluded from the directory.
  • The Unlisted Member new attribute prevents a person from being listed on the directory but also prevents them from being listed at the member or guest security level (when joining a group for example).
  • The contribution detail report now has an option to just list the names of people who contributed with the given date range and other filters and not include the amounts.
  • Grand totals were added to the batch contribution detail report.
  • Meeting attendance report by member now includes a count of people who attended at least one meeting in the given report date range.
  • Childcare check in label customization enhancement allows for use of smaller labels
  • Option to CC all of the 4th email reminders to one or more people (in addition to the coach).
  • Custom attributes now show up when adding a new member (along with the option to have that shut off for “Join the group”)
  • Ability to edit Join Date for a group member

We have much more to do to incorporate the latest learnings and technology. Thanks for being part of the team to move this service to churches and the cause of Christ forward!