New Release: Simple way to add childcare as an option for event registration.

Posted by Boyd Pelley Thursday, August 27, 2015 5:50:00 PM Categories: Kids Ministry New Features
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Yesterday, we released a feature that directs parents who sign up to another registration to sign up their kids.  They can even make a payment in-between.
Here's the steps:
  1. Create the event as a group.
  2. Create childcare for the event as a (reusable) group.
  3. In the childcare group, click edit then registration settings to custom the form and communication related to signing up the kids.
  4. In the event group, click edit then registration settings to customize the form, payment and communication for the actual event.
  5. To link the two check the Registration Completion Option circled in Red.
  6. Next, choose the childcare group from the dropdown list (yellow arrow).
  7. That's it, you've now linked an event registration to a childcare registration group.
Further notes:
  1. If you need to charge for childcare, be sure to add that as a registration attribute on the first / main event registration form.
  2. The "Secondary registration optional" circled in green will add html code into the "Registration Completion Message" box.  This is the pop-up that comes up after people register.  With this code, they will have an option to click a link to go to the childcare group to register kids (i.e. secondary registration). Be sure to review and edit the language in that box to fit the code.
  3. If you add a payment to the event registration, the system will take the registrant to the payment page first (if using Churchteams event registration payment system), to the pop-up Completion message next, and then to the secondary registration form.
  4. Besides childcare for events, you can use this feature to capture parent information for children's events like VBS.  I'm sure we'll come up with other uses as well.