New Release: Pledge Tracking

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 11:19:00 AM Categories: Just Visiting New Features
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 We are excited to announce the release of our new, state-of-the-art pledge tracking feature. Now you can record, track and report progress on financial pledges for any type of capital campaign.  You can even use it to track income progress for funds that don't include pledges.  Here's a video followed by the details:

 1.  Set the goal or budget for any fund.  From the "Membership Admin Main Menu" click "Contribution customization" then "Customize contribution designations".  You'll see the following.  To edit the columns, click on the name of the designation.  Notice the option to include pledge on personal statements.  This should be "yes" for any fund people are pledging toward.  By leaving it "no" you can use the same feature to track progress of a fund against a budget that is not funded by the pledge process.  By selecting "yes" each family will get a summary of their giving against their pledge.

Inline image 2

2.  Record individual pledges.  Once your pledge promotion is complete, you'll want to enter the total pledge per family into Churchteams.  Click on "Browse Members" (at the Membership Admin or Admin Asst level), find the person, then scroll down to the new "Pledge(s)" link on the "Add/update" line.  You'll be able to enter the family pledge here.

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3.  Normal data entry.  Every time a gift is given toward a pledge, just enter it as you normally would in the weekly offering.  It is automatically posted if you use our online giving feature.  By designating a gift to a pledge fund, that donation will automatically be calculated against the pledge.

4.  Weekly report summary.  When you've finished with weekly data entry and click to see a summary, you get the following report which tracks progress against the goal.  This is also communicated in the contribution summary you email each week to leadership.

Inline image 1

5.  Pledge tracking on statements.  Capital campaigns typically cover two to three year periods of time and have date ranges that differ from your fiscal year.  Campaign progress is always communicated based on the full date range of the campaign.  Use our email feature to send out statements quarterly or semi-annually, as well as yearly to help people track their progress and to thank donors.

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6.  Pledge Summary By Family Report.  We know that tracking giving for a capital campaign is of vital interest to church leadership, so we added the "Pledge summary by family report" to "Member Reports" at the Membership Admin level .  Here is an example of this summary to help you evaluate responsiveness to the campaign.

Inline image 4

To learn more about our church management and contributions features, including pledge tracking, join me for one of the regularly scheduled webinars.  If you haven't done it already, maybe now is the time to expand your use of Churchteams and capitalize on its full value for your church.