New Release: Event Registration and Payment

Thursday, December 8, 2011 11:45:00 AM Categories: New Features
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Wouldn't it be great to have a link on your website that allows people not only to sign up for an event or class, but also to pay for it?  What if you could mandate they include other information like T-shirt size or years married?  What if you could then go to the group and see a group view that includes this information and total money collected?   Now you can! We just released our "Event registration and payment" feature.  To learn more, check out this video.  It is available on the Setup and Training Video page on your main menu.  This feature leverages your online giving account to collect registration fees.


In the next few weeks, we look forward to letting you know about the release of our feature to email end of the year statements saving staff of churches using our contributions feature all those hours of stuffing envelopes.  
After I sent this email, Mark emailed this explanation about how the data is setup for registration payments related to starting a new registration.  When a registration payment is made a record of it is saved with the member that made the payment and it includes a note about the group it was for, the date, and the amount.  These can be viewed on a member's profile page under the "Member Receipts" link.  The date, amount, Payment Reference # (which is the link back to Ardent) and a note such as "Registration for: Men's Retreat" are included.  If a group registration is started over or the group itself is deleted the record of this receipt remains.  Only if the actual member is deleted does the receipt get removed.  So when you start a new registration for a group and it clears out the information it's really just removing the link between the group member and their registration receipt as well as resetting payment status and attribute responses for the previous registration.  I also added a group report where you can get a summary of the registration receipts for a group or set of groups over a date range.  Right now this ties to the group data but I will likely make a member based version that goes directly off of the historical member receipts I talked about.