New Release: 2 Tweaks for Check-in, 1 for Linkbuilder Access

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 10:40:00 AM Categories: New Features
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Here are a few recent updates that can be very helpful:

1.  1 or 2 labels for parents option.  You can now not only select to have 1 or 2 labels printed for parents, but you can also limit it to just one if the family has only one child.  Notice the arrow in section B of a check-in view page.
Inline image 1
2.  Don't print a family label for this group.  On the select groups page related to a particular check-in view there is now an option to exclude printing a label for anyone involved in a selected group.  This is useful if you are using the check-in system to check adults into volunteer groups where you want to record they are present, but don't really need a label with a security code for the.  Ex.  Children's Ministry Volunteers group:
Inline image 2
3. Linkbuilder access from the Communication button.  We added "Linkbuilder" to the communication button options at the staff level on up.  Previously only the group admin and financial admin could create links.  Now anyone with staff level access and up can do it as well. This can be especially helpful for staff wanting to create links to add to a website, social media post or email.  Just create the link and paste it.
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