New Release: Churchteams Takes Reports To A New Level

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 11:02:00 AM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 You have seen the new user interface and mobile upgrade on features like membership and groups as we've added them this year.  We are excited to announce the release of the reports upgrade.  This will make reporting much more intuitive and includes improved printing support.  At the macro level, there are now three parts to reports.

In the old version, you had two report pages, members and groups.  These have been combined into one report page.  However, we have reorganized the presentation of reports into four (4) report types.  These correspond to the top options under the Reports action button.  Only the Financial Admin and the Admin Assistant (if enabled)have access to reports related to contributions.
Inline image 1
You don't have to have a filter to run a report.  The options under the filter categories give you the option to filter, sort or choose people or groups based on member attributes or group profiles / involvement.  The filter options dynamically change based on the type of report chosen.  This takes out some of the complexity.
Inline image 3
Image of Group Roster Report with Group related filters.

Inline image 1
Image of Member Listing Report with Members related filters.
Summary - Yellow Zone
As you make selections of types and filters, the yellow zone summary shows you the choices you've made.  This will be extremely helpful for making sure you have the type and filters of reports that you want.  For reports you do over and over, it may be worthwhile to capture a screen shot of the summary.  
Inline image 2
Image of summary to email parent of all the kids in children's ministry.
As you play around with reports, you will see a number of other changes including things like layout of the pages, some options like filters dynamically change base on type of report, and other improvement tweaks.