New Feature: Protect My Ministry integration. How to manage background checks.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 6:04:00 PM Categories: Kids Ministry Leadership New Features Tips 4 Clients
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We love kids!  And you do too.  That's why we make their security a big deal. 
Hopefully, you are already doing background checks on your volunteers.  To manage those, we suggest storing the results as with these three custom member attributes:
  1. Background Check - Single choice drop down (None, Pass, Fail)
  2. Background Date - Date field when check was done (to identify checks that need to be redone)
  3. Background Document - Hyperlink attribute (viewable at top levels linking you to the actual document)
Many of you use Protect My Ministry to help you with these background checks and several have asked about integrating with their API service.  We are excited to announce that we have done that.  If you go to any member's page, you now see the option to order or view a background check:

To use this feature, sign up for the service by clicking to "Request a background check" on any member's page or click Settings / Security / Background Checks.  These will lead to the pages to learn more about the service.  If you already use Protect My Ministry, go to Settings / Security / Background Check and enter your Protect My Ministry account information.  If you don't have an account and want more information and pricing, email Ryan Carter ( or call (800) 319-5581.  Be sure to mention you are a Churchteams client.
Benefit to you: This makes it easy to go to a person's information in Churchteams, click to request a background check and as soon as it is done be able to click the option to view the background check.  This will replace the need for a Background Document custom member attribute (#3 above).  You will still need to enter Background Check (none / Pass / Fail) and Background Date information for easier reporting.
Note: Admin Assistant, Staff, Group Admin and Financial Admin levels are the only ones that can request background checks and view those documents.