Mobile Upgrade (beta) is ready!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 4:15:00 PM Categories: Just Visiting New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 New Features

Over the next year we will be transitioning from our "Classic" user-interface to our new "Mobile Upgrade" user-interface.  All of it isn't done yet. The "Browse groups", "Check-in", "Contributions", and "Reports" are the same, but everything else is driven from the new look.  Here's a look at the new search bar that replaces the main menu. 

 Search Bar

There are so many new features in this version of the application and they're almost all intuitive, but here are a few high points.  For a visual summary, check out this 2 minute "highlight" video.

  • The screen adjusts to your device!  No more pinching and stretching.  
  • No main menu - the search bar at the top goes with you pretty much everywhere.  
  • Search box - search for groups and people immediately in the search box.
  • Action buttons - on the search bar allow access and action based on security level.
  • New layouts - upgraded information pages and forms with a new up-to-date look and feel.
  • Settings and helps - You'll love the new layout of settings (gear icon) and helps (? icon).
  • Same functionality - the software does the same thing it did before.  It's just laid out differently.
Words will never do it justice.  You have to jump in and get going.  If you're a client, here are the steps.  If not, join me for a webinar to learn more about the software and to start your 30 day free trial.
  1. Login as the small group or financial (used to be membership) admin.
  2. Click on Basic settings step #1 and find the Mobile upgrade (Beta) bookmark.  
  3. Copy, bookmark, and share this bookmark with your staff and leaders.  
  4. Email it to yourself and open it in your Smart / iPhone.  
  5. Save it as a bookmark and it will show up on your phone's screen just like an app icon.  
  6. Click on the bookmark, put in your password and enter the name of a person or group.
Yes, there will be some pages that take you back to the classic interface, most notably those mentioned above.  Several of them, however, were significant upgrades from the earliest user-interface we've replaced with this new upgrade.  So, if you find some issues, email us and let us know what you find.  It has been heavily tested already, but we're always open to new ideas and really want to know if something doesn't quite feel right.  
We're all in this together and this upgrade is the result of years of listening and learning.  We're committed to constant improvement and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.