Lead Two Levels Down

Monday, June 1, 2009 10:02:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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I was in Washington D.C. this past week getting my son settled into his summer job as a congressional intern. Pretty cool opportunity for him. While there I took the time to meet with a couple of small group pastors and we got to talking about coaching. I shared a story that I thought would make a good blog. One of my Community Leaders in Nebraska, Zach, is a retired army Lt. Col. and now runs the ministry I ran at the time. One of the principles he taught me was that you always lead 2 levels down. Basically that means that in order to lead your direct reports well, you also need to know their direct reports. That way as you interact with your folks, you can help them contextualize and apply their instructions. That made a lot of sense to me. When I had 8-12 groups, I was the coach. I knew the leaders and the people in their groups. Because I knew the people, I could effectively help my leaders shepherd and disciple their people as I had been discipled to do. Between 12 and 20 groups I began to loose track of who was in what group and focused on getting others to come alongside. It became okay that I didn’t know everyone in every group, but I still knew my coaches and my leaders well. Because I knew my leaders, I could use that relationship to help coach my coaches. I could help them see the strengths and growth areas of their leaders because I knew them. In this way I was able to more effectively train leaders of leaders as we went through the cycles of ministry. The principle also freed me up as the ministry grew to let go of knowing everyone and more effectively delegate. It’s pretty simple really, but is vitally important in growing a ministry. BTW, this is the thinking behind our coaching features in Churchteams. Thanks Zach.