How To Use Bar Code Scanner For Check-in

Monday, August 5, 2013 2:44:00 PM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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Some churches prefer using a bar code scanner to the incremental search system that is the default for our check-in system.  Bar code scanners add cost and extra administrative steps, but they do remove the need to search for names when first checking in.  This gets rid of the need for a keyboard and adds an extra sense of security especially on self-check-in stations.   If you currently have barcode scanners and key tags, those will work with Churchteams, skip to step 3. 

  1. Decide what type of key tags you want to use.  You can use any key tag that people already have on their keys or have your own created.  We used when we did a sample run.  All Churchteams needs is the number that the barcode represents.  The printer can create the numbers and barcodes as part of the printing process.  5 digit numbers or larger are recommended.  
  2. Select and purchase bar code scanner(s).  We've used  Honeywell Orbit but any scanner will work.
  3. Plug the scanner into your computer.  Plugging in a bar code scanner is like plugging in a keyboard.  The system will recognize it like it does a mouse or keyboard.  The scanner is simply another way to enter data.
  4. Setup/enter the Quick Check Code number for the family as a text type member attribute in Churchteams.  "Quick Check Code" is the default attribute title.
    1. If you have that number elsewhere as an attribute for your families, you can import that field so they can continue using their current key tag.
    2. To enter it for existing members in the database; while in the check-in system, click on a parent's name and scroll down to the Quick Check Code field.  Just waive the key tag in front of the scanner and it will input the number and hit enter.
    3. If you are creating a new family, type in all the information for all family members and then scan in either the key tag you provide or another one of their choosing.  
  5. Setup the Check-in view.  Go to the check-in view for which you are using the bar code scanners.  Find item E1 and select the Quick Check Code attribute.  If you want to prevent searching by name and use only the Quick Check Code, check the box listed here.

You can use a combination of hosted and self check-in stations at the same time.  For security purposes for the self-check stations, we recommend UNchecking items C2,4,5,6,7,9,12 and E2.

To begin using your scanners start up your check-in system with the appropriate view.  Put the cursor in the appropriate field to input the number and simply scan the keytag.