How to simplify VBS, Camp and Other Event Registrations

Friday, March 20, 2015 4:01:00 PM Categories: Communication Kids Ministry Ministry & Technology New Features Tips 4 Clients
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We have been working on event registration for several years.  Along the way we have always been upgrading this feature with your best ideas and practices.  

Here are some links to some of our latest registration forms. Share these with others on your staff to help them get ready for church events in the upcoming months.  Just click on the event link to see the actual registration form.  Go ahead and sign up if you want.  
  1. Vacation Bible School
    • Limit the # of kids per grade option
    • Security, friends, photo release, etc.
  2. Youth Camp
    • Texting (mobile phone / carrier)
    • Payment options
    • Read and sign waiver
  3. Adult Events
    • Payment optional
    • Childcare signup (second form)
​Here is a video playlist teaching you how to create these 3 forms and more.  Try out our event registration feature upgrades.  We think you'll be pleased!