How do you provide such an incredible service at that price?

Friday, June 19, 2009 9:58:00 PM Categories: Just Visiting
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I was on the phone last night with a team in the Seattle area talking about Churchteams and a Software Enterprise Marketing professional had a couple of suggestions for little tweaks to improve the performance and simplicity of Churchteams. Later on he asked how we could provide such an incredible service so economically. We actually get that question fairly frequently. Here is my response:

1. Mark designed and built this software to be intuitive and easy to use. That, plus our helps deals with 95% of the support issues most software companies face. That means we don’t need a lot of staff. Did you know Wikipedia has just 12 staff?

2. You help with research & development. Mark and my unique backgrounds and experience along with input like I received last night allow us to stay on the cutting edge with ideas and technology taking advantage of the volunteer nature of ministry and keeping prices low compared to most businesses.

3. Your referrals along with great search results are our marketing. Putting ads in magazines and sponsoring conferences are expensive. We display at a few conferences and pay a little for Google Ads, but we don’t lay out a bunch of cash for extras. Did you know doesn’t do marketing?

4. For us, this is a ministry. We are a for profit company from the government’s corporate perspective, but we operate with a ministry frame of reference. That means profit is not our driver, ministry is. With that, we believe in the work of the church. We want our tithes and offerings to be used in ways other than administration as much as possible and so do you most likely. We can help with that.