High Five #3 – Serve

Sunday, August 30, 2009 12:43:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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I’ve not done a very good job of writing about the high five that I started last spring. Better late than never though. Belong. Grow. Serve. Launch. Together. These are the high five that determine a win and keep your ministry flowing (see earlier post).

Serve really is the new kid on the block in many ways. As small groups ministry have grown in churches, they have taken on in recent years a move away from being just Bible Studies or Fellowship Groups. There are some models where the whole group is built around service: volunteer for a charity group, worship service support, mission trip teams. My personal bias is to have your groups have an element of each of the high five to whatever degree the group predetermines in conjunction with their leadership. Service in a small group can be a simple a helping a neighbor through a tough time or touch up project, or putting together a game booth for the church fall festival. Or it could be adopting a mission trip or local ministry effort or school.

The value of “serve” is that it puts feet to the gospel. It gets it out there where it can be noticed for what it is – good news, someone is here to help. What could possibly be more like Jesus?