High Five #2 – Grow

Friday, July 10, 2009 12:44:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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I like one word descriptions of major ideas. Several months ago I did a blog on the High Five. You really out to read it first to get what this one is about (click here). The big idea: we need to clearly identify a win for group leades.

Part of defining the win is helping leaders see clearly what they need to do with their groups. Among other things, they need to help people grow. Lots of things help people grow, but the Bible is exhibit one. It’s the food and it comes in every conceivable form from milk to apple sauce to broccoli to steak. It’s alive. It penetrates. It varies in taste. It’s timely. It energizes. Without it … well, who doesn’t want to eat. So, you make sure your leaders are helping their group eat well. Our Growthfinder tool was designed to help them get a perspective on nutritional needs and recommended supplements.

But stuff helps you grow too. You know … stuff happens. I can’t print the “sh” word here. But it does apply. Don’t know if you remember, but Paul used that word in Philippians 3:8. All the “rubbish” that happened just made him want to know Jesus better. So, help your leaders take whatever stuff happens, good or bad, and learn to translate those things into growth opportunities. Someone gets laid off, help them grow. Someone gets a promotion, help the grow. Babies, death of parents, challenging teens, car repairs … all growth opportunities. This “stuff” of life is food too. It forms your perspective and your character. Bitter or better? One of my favorite poems is:

“One ship goes east another goes west, by the self-same winds that blow. ‘Tis the set of the sail and not the gail that determines the way to go.”

The set of the sail using the mooring of scripture determines whether people in your groups grow. Help them get good at recognizing the winds and navigating the seas.