GrowthFinder Assessment

Pastors and ministry leaders, what if you could easily assess the discipleship issues on which your small group or congregation need to focus?

The GrowthFinder profile consists of twelve questions for each of four areas of discipleship (knowledge, habits/skills, character, and perspective). This tool is fully customizable so that you can do with it anything you want. You can start from scratch or use this tool to implement an assessment you already use. GrowthFinder provides whatever level of flexibility you need to help your people, small groups, and Senior Pastor identify areas of strength and areas that need your attention. We even provide a listing of recommended resources.

When coupled with GroupFinder, GrowthFinder profiles can be stored as part of an individual’s discipleship profile. This is useful for long term growth, evaluation, and celebration.

If you are interested in taking the GrowthFinder assessment, register here and an email will be sent to you that includes a link to take the assessment.