Getting Giving Statements Out

Saturday, January 26, 2013 12:53:00 PM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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It has been busy few weeks helping churches get out their giving statements.  Now that everyone is about done with that, here's the email I wish I would have sent a few weeks ago.  I'm blogging it now for next time.

In Churchteams contributions are tracked at the individual level.  Our statements provide summaries for each individual (even a summary for each designation for each individual), and a total for the family.  That way the statements work just as well for families filing separately as jointly.  

To meet Canadian requirements, there is an option to "Include unique contribution ID" and the ability to customize the footer message.


Emailed statements are sent to individuals who have given and have an email address in the system.  If you don't want children with email addresses who might have given to receive their family's statements, you can filter them out either by "Custom Family/Household Attributes" and Family Role or by amount given in "Contribution History". 

When you select the option to email statements, the system opens up a powerful email editor tool.  One of the best ways to put your cover letter in the email with your logo, images, etc. is to create the letter in Word and then use the "clipboard with a W" icon to copy and paste, then insert the letter.  Next select the date range or click on the "Prior Calendar Year" button to select the date range.  You can also limit the fund types to be included in statements.  The filter area gives you even greater ability to limit who receives statement.  The "Contributions History" filter allows you to limit who receives statements based on amount given if you would like to use that option.

When you click "Run Report" the emails are sent out with .pdf statements attached automatically.  I recommend emailing an example to yourself first by filtering by something like your birthdate.  That way you can see what it looks like.

For emailing individual statements, go to the member's information page and click to see their "Contributions".  This page gives you an option to email the report to them individually.  It doesn't give you the option to add a cover email.


First choose either "Standard statements" which will require matching statements with envelopes or labels, or "Double window envelope statements" which prints an address and return address on the statement to show through double window envelopes.  A table is provided to help you align addresses correctly.

Secondly, choose "Exclude families who will receive emailed statements" if you are doing both emailing and printing statements.  If you are only printing statements, don't add this choice.  Also, be sure to select the date range or the "Prior Calendar Year" button.

You can add any other filters you need.  The "Contribution History" filter gives you the option to filter by cumulative amount given for a family or an individual.

When you click "Run Report" you get the list of statements in your browser window.  Each one will be separated by a page break.  To print them click "Print Preview" in your browser.  Use the "Page Setup" or similar options in "Print Preview" to get rid of headers and footers and to adjust the size of the text and tables  like you want them.  Then print a few to make sure they look right and the rest when you are satisfied.

The easiest way to print an individual statement is to go to that individual's member info page and select contributions.  Then email a copy of their statement to yourself, print and mail it to them.