Frequently Asked Questions

"I just can't get over how responsive Churchteams has been. Every time I reach out to your company, no matter what I'm in need of, someone comes to my rescue very quickly. It's like I'm in database-user heaven. Please keep doing what you guys are doing. Thank you!" - Jackie, Athol, ID

Yes.  In fact it is more secure than on most computer or local church servers because we have a dedicated data center that we lease servers from who do nothing but make sure security and performance are optimized.  This includes backups onsite and offsite plus a third one we keep in a different state.  See the security section of our Terms of Use for more information.
Cost is based on the number of people in your database.  There is a one time setup fee equal to a six month subscription.  See the pricing page for details.
No.  You always have free, unlimited support, even during the 30 day free trial.  Support is our way to get feedback on the software to help us constantly improve it.  We should pay you.  Okay, I was just kidding about that.
When you click the option to continue after your 30 day free trial, you choose the size and frequency you want your bill.  We will mail you an invoice for the setup fee plus that choice.  You can pay online with credit or debit cards as well.
This way the entire system is more seamlessly integrated for ease of use.  Secondly, there are no hidden or surprise fees or excluded functionality.  Thirdly, we knew that people will seek to limit whatever pricing is based on.  We want you to have as many people using the tool and as many groups as you want in the software.
It offsets up front investment in helping onboard churches.  You always have unlimited support and help, but this one time fee helps us keep our ongoing fees low
Yes.  Many churches love our small groups, check-in or event registration features, but want to keep their other database as well.
Our system will email a notification of changed member information to your data entry person to use to keep your other database updated.  We’ve simplified importing data so that you can do that as often as you like.
The discount is that you do not have as many people in the Churchteams database as you might have elsewhere.  The result is a lesser cost than if you were using us as your full database.
Churchteams started in 2000.
We built the business without outside capital and operate with a profit each year.  This enables us to honor the Lord by stewarding well the resources He provides for us to serve churches and ministries.  We’re interested in ministry more than maximizing profits.
Our goal is to create intuitive software that minimizes the need for staff and keeps costs reasonable for every church.  It is difficult to downsize when a company gets staff heavy, so we are very careful about staff growth.  We value staying small enough to react quickly to a changing technology and software development environment.   Currently we have 7 exceptional people.
Yes!  In fact we look forward to talking with you.  Our phone number for calling or texting is available under the ? icon on every page in the app.
There is no need, we’ve made setting up Churchteams easy!  We give you a basic setup process to follow complete with videos.  We recommend you leverage the weekly classes with our Co-founder, Boyd Pelley, not only to evaluate the software but to introduce and train staff on using it. If you need personal help, we are glad to offer that free of charge as well with screen sharing.
Yes and we can help you convert it at no charge!  Step 4 in our basic settings / setup process will walk you through this process.
Yes, all of these allow you to export or save as a .csv file which you can send to us or upload yourself.
No one software does everything.  There are some that have partnered together, but they still were developed as different companies.  Churchteams takes care of everything related to people.  In addition you will likely want software for: a) building and managing your website, b) handling personal email, calendars and tasks (Outlook, GMail, etc), c) Spreadsheet and document creation and storage (MS Office, Google Apps, etc.), d) accounting (Quickbooks, etc.).  All of these are available as online tools freeing you from the need to have and maintain a local server.
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