First Notes & Upgrades of 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 11:38:00 AM Categories: New Features
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Thanks for making 2010 a great year! We grew 20% last year crossing the 500 client mark. We have some exciting things in store for 2011. To start with, we thought we would highlight a few upgrades from the last few months. Most of these came from client suggestions including the first two that were released just this week.

Notifications When Changes Are Made = Know when a new group is created / people are added or removed.
We had a few people ask about adding more granularity to the emails that notified staff of changes to member and group information. Select Customization Features, then Organization Options and find the Email Notification section. You can pick and choose what updates you want to see and who sees it including: 1) people joining a group, 2) member info changes like phone #s, 3) new group is created, 4) basic group info is updated like day of the week, 5) member is added to or removed from a group, 6) group profile info is update like Group Type.

Option to BCC Meeting Reports = Cleaner and more secure emails for larger groups.
The meeting reports were originally designed to group members could “reply all” and communicate with each other. With larger groups and other types of groups, several people asked about blind copying those. You can now do that by going to the group at the coach level or higher, then click on add/update: group information. There is now a check box there to “Hide group member email addresses on meeting reports …”.

Search Filters Update = Identify new groups started last year or people not in a community group.
Group Reports – click on group status and you’ll see the ability to filter groups based on their start date. Great for seeing the number of new groups you started last fall or last year.
Member Reports – select people not in groups and you now have the ability to find people not in a certain type of group. Great for finding people not in a community group who might be serving or in an assimilation group.

Linkbuilder = Create links to register people for classes, events or certain type of groups.
With the new year, we’re getting questions about how to use Churchteams more extensively on church websites. Click customization features, then church website integration (Quick Setup, step 5 gets you there as well). Look for the Browse Groups and Linkbuilder sections. You can link to certain types of groups or to join a specific one. Video helps are embedded.

Thanks to everyone who has interacted on Facebook. We are excited about using this page for better community interaction. Thanks also for all the referrals. Those have been the backbone for our growth and ability to keep prices affordable.