How to Export Fellowship One Information to a CSV File for importing into Churchteams

1. Click on reports

2. Type P9400 in the search window on the top right of the page

3. For all the group fields: “Ignore This”

4. For choose fields to display:

-          Household Fields; “Household ID” and “Home Phone”

-          Individual Fields;  “Select all fields”

5. Output Separated Email Columns? “YES”

6. Output Separated Phone Columns? “YES”

7. Display this 1st Address; “Primary” this will populate the next pull down

8. Display these Fields for each Address; “Select all except full address”

9. Choose an Output Type; “Excel”

10. Click “Run Report”

11. When the report is complete download the file to your computer

12. Open in Excel and Save As a CSV file. (if more than one row is left for the headers remove all rows that are column headers except for the first row.

13. Login to Churchteams as the admin and click the Settings menu (upper right) and then Members / Import/Load to import the file into Churchteams.