February Update - Email contribution statements next year and much more

Monday, February 13, 2012 3:20:00 PM Categories: Just Visiting New Features
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Looking back over December and January, there are some features we wanted to make sure you are aware of that can save you a lot of time and expense this upcoming year and beyond.  These are in the financial area, so please share this email with the appropriate person(s) on your staff.  They will appreciate it.

Email Your Giving Statements
The big challenge each January brings is sending out giving statements.  In December, we added the option to email .pdf statements.  You can also print them for those with no email address.  Just think how much time and expense you would save by emailing statements.

In addition, you can use this feature to push out email statements quarterly.  This gives you a way to say thank you and update people with progress on the vision.  If someone needs their statement from last year, go to their info and click to email it.  It's just that easy.  Our clients using this new contributions feature loved it.  You will too.

Online Giving
We partnered with a great processor last year.  They understand churches by providing options like debit card only giving.  This supports stewardship teaching about getting out of debt.  Because debit cards are cheaper to process than credit cards, it also saves the church money.  Online giving.  

Integrated contributions
We integrated online giving so that contributions are now automatically posted in Churchteams for you.  The weekly contribution report imports online giving offering you a full summary of all weekly giving in one emailed report.   Online giving.  

Event Registration
The Event Registration uses the same payment system to allow you to create events, add attributes for those events (like T-shirt size), pay for the event (even variable costs), and then see a dashboard of all that information in one place.   See the Admin and IT playlist on our Setup and Training Videos for more information on all these features.

What Churchteams Can Do For You In 2012
+ Increase Stewardship in your church through Online giving.  Online giving adds 10-20% to the giving of most churches and we give you tools to help with that.
+ Push out emails statements give you an easy way to keep the vision clear.  
+ Weekly reports allow you to monitor online giving growth.  There is a small additional cost for online giving (info), but contributions, event registration and reports are included in the price you already pay for Churchteams.  
+ Training videos Administration and IT Playlist.
+ Join me for a Church Management Webinar.

There are lots more things coming in 2012.