Feature Upgrade: Saved Reports and Print Options

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 11:59:00 AM Categories: Leadership New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 I know I just sent out one of these yesterday, but this one is so good, it deserved its own email.  Many of you have asked if there was a way to save reports you commonly use.  That feature finally made it to the batter's box this past few months and was released yesterday.  First a few thoughts, then a few details.

A Few Thoughts About Saved Reports
  1. It will be easy to end up with a long list of saved reports.  Do everything you can to keep the Saved Report list as clean as possible.  
  2. Save only reports you really use all the time.  Not the one off type reports.  Don't save ones you are just testing out.
  3. Save complicated reports.  Like reports with multiple filters, ex. email parents of children.  If the report is easy and obvious, don't add to the list of saved reports.


  1. You can save a report before you run it.  You'll see the option in the yellow summary zone.
  2. You can save a report after you run it.  You'll see the green button on the heading line at the top of the report. (orange arrow)
  3. You can edit a saved report.  When you change either the type or filters, you'll have an option to save the report with these new parameters.
  4. You can copy a saved report.  And use it as the basis for another report.  Click to save the report and you'll see the option to "Save as new report".
  5. You can save reports as PDFs.  When you run the report, you see a "Save as PDF" button.  It is in beta, so there may be some issues with it, especially for very large reports.  The formatting will not be exactly the same as the screen in all cases, but it does give some extra functionality to save and then email reports. (yellow arrow)
  6. You can print reports.  You could always print reports using control p or other browser printing options, but now you can do it with the print button after you run a report. (red arrow)
  7. You can delete a Saved Report.  After you select a report and it opens up the report parameters, you'll see a red x allowing you to delete that report. (red arrow)
  8. You can secure reports for certain access levels only.  Once you've created a report an choose to run it, you'll see a button with a lock on it allowing to control access to that report. (yellow arrow)
  9. You can save date ranges as fixed (exact dates chosen) or calculated (ex. last month or YTD).  See the bottom image for the type of calculated date ranges you can select from.  By default, a week begins Monday and is calculated for the following Sunday (ex. attendance and online giving).  Date range options vary based on report types and filters chosen.  


It is our prayer that this release will help you more easily and more effectively understand and serve your church for the sake of the Kingdom.