Feature update: Brand online giving and more.

Monday, November 10, 2014 12:45:00 PM Categories: New Features Online Giving
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Many of you have asked us to make the online giving page and the "thank you email" more customizable so that you can add html colors and templates that better fit your brand.  A great idea to serve your donors/investors better!  We're excited to let you know, it has been done.  Here are the details.
  1. A stylesheet option for online giving is now available under Settings / Contributions / Online Giving / Online Giving Options.  This is in addition to html you can customize on the first login page (such as a logo and instructions) and will apply to all of the online giving pages. This allows you to match your online giving pages with your website much more closely.
  2. On the same settings page we've added  an option to customize the email receipt for both immediate and recurring receipts.  If you enter a custom message it replaces the "Thank you for your contribution!" default message with whatever you enter and you can use html/formatting with that message.

Three Other Upgrades:
Contribution data entry.  In the data entry detail report there is now an option to sort by "Reference #".  This will help you locate duplicate check #s for errors during batch entry.

Group meeting reports.  When you go to a group, click on the blue reports button then meetings, we have added columns showing the attendance, guest attendance and location for each meeting.