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Monday, October 26, 2009 12:35:00 PM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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Here’s a blog copy of the email I sent out today.

Thanks for all the referrals. I can’t emphasize this enough. Your referrals mean the world to us. We’ll keep doing our best to serve you and every new customer / friend helps us continue to move forward. Here’s some stuff to know.

Check in & Security – We’ve learned a lot the past 3 months and feel really great about where we’re at with check-in and security. The videos for setup / customization and training are both done. You can also find them on the admin main menus. We even put the training video on the main menu when you log in using the check in password (view/edit that password at either SG or Membersip Admin levels). It is super easy to use and very effective. You can use the same idea to check in teenagers or volunteers or anyone else.

Add/edit members from meeting report page – In the process of tweaking for use in check in, we upgraded all the meeting reports so that you can add new members or edit members right from the report page. This makes it way easier for your leaders and staff to enter new people.

Texting Ideas

1. Give preschool parents confidence by adding their cell #s and carriers to pre-schooler information. Then you can text mom/dad if they are needed.
2. It looks like it might be a cold winter. Why not use the request to upgrade member info (see below) to update cell #s and carriers so you can use texting as well as email this winter to alert everyone to weather driven schedule changes or remind them of events?
3. One student pastor is looking to have a text ready to email from Churchteams at a critical time in his message to get feedback from the kids (it will go to his inbox). For those who don’t get the text, he’ll have them text their name and mobile carrier to his or someone else’s phone to collect the new numbers. Can you imagine everyone’s phone buzzing at once?

Request for members to update their own information – It is worth repeating. From member or group reports there is an option to send an email to ask your people to update their own information – a self-updating database! You choose who to send it to and using the “other options” you can send reminders to those who haven’t responded. Combine it with announcements on Sundays and you’ll have better info than you’ve ever had. Control what information they can access under member customizations. This would be a great way to grab mobile carriers for texting.

Contributions – We added a new report at the member administrator level to be able to pull detailed reports which essentially recall all entries over a designated date range including a single day / batch. The summary report enables you to see your giving over any period of time. Churches that are using this part of the tool are giving it a thumbs up.

2010 – The new year is just a couple of months away. Have you thought about upgrading your use of Churchteams? You have all the features already. It might be a great way to help your budget and stewardship.

Coming soon – some of you are curious as to what we’re working on. Right now, we’re taking the assimilation lessons we’ve learned the last 3-4 years and adding features that will simplify and smooth out the flow of people from one place to another or from decision to application. Also, we’re going to upgrade our mapping features.

We value the opportunity you’ve given us to serve you. It is our commitment to serve you well for the honor of the One we all serve.